Dedicated to ensuring children are teachable, confident learners, ready to thrive in their academic setting. 

We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to learn in a nurturing environment that maintains high expectations and builds a happy, capable, confident, life-long learner. We also believe that all children can benefit from supplemental education that puts them on the right path for learning.

Academics Plus does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that your family and child can come with a variety of needs and situations, which is why all of our clients begin the process with a Learning Checkup™. We believe that each student - and each family - is unique and strive to develop a tailored learning road map that fits your child. 

Every child deserves for their unique potential to be honored.

The school selection process can be challenging to navigate alone. We have heard difficult and disheartening stories from parents who do not know where to begin finding the right school environment, have been unable to enroll a child in their school of choice, are worried that their child will not be ready for school, or are watching a child slip further and further behind in class and don’t know what to do or where to turn.

No parent or child should ever feel that they are out of options. Every student deserves to thrive. We are here to help.

Each team member holds a minimum of a B.S. in fields such as Psychology, Counseling, Special Education, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Child Development, Elementary Education or other related areas. The Academics Plus team of highly skilled, positive, and enthusiastic specialists helps students reach unprecedented levels of success.

Dear Parents and Educators,

I am so excited to share with you my passion and dreams for all children, including those with learning differences and disabilities. 

As the daughter of a pioneer in the field of neuroscience and education, I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to attend national conferences on learning disabilities, which was my earliest inspiration to search for a deeper understanding of children who faced challenges in learning. As I was entering graduate school, a new field, called Mind, Brain and Education Science was beginning to emerge at preeminent institutions, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins and the University of Southern California at Santa Barbara. Of course, having a mother who was already at the forefront of the information and a lead at the conferences, allowed me to have greater opportunities, resources and connections to many of the field’s most incredible researchers.

After completing graduate school and beginning work as an educational consultant, my journey of connecting neuroscience and education was taken in the express lane. I traveled all over the United States to meet researchers and study their work; and I was even chosen to participate in an f(MRI) that highlighted areas of my brain activated during reading.

Each time I returned from a learning experience, I studied the latest brain images or research article diligently, so that I could do my best to hypothesize what particular area of the brain was not activated in my students with learning disabilities. Each new finding gave me an opportunity to mimic exercises the scientists were doing in their labs to activate specific areas of the brain. By making this practical application of their research, my students began to experience some of the most rapid progressions I had ever seen. Of course, each of my student’s success stories helped a future student succeed.

By staying on top of the latest research, my team at Academics Plus continues to create unprecedented success stories for children with dyslexia, language processing disorders, sensory issues, speech delays, ADD/ADHD, autism, as well as other developmental delays. 

I invite you to bring your child in for a Learning Checkup™, so you can begin to see the difference for yourself. We’re a little different, but I have no doubt that you will find that my incredible, qualified, curious, energetic and positive team at Academics Plus is forever changing the lives of children with learning disabilities and differences. 

All the best,

Katie Cyphers