After School Skill Building

Academic struggles are often the symptom of a learning issue; they are not the root or cause of the issue. In order for students to learn their core academic subjects, there must be a strong cognitive and educational foundation in place. Without this foundation, many children experience gaps in their learning. Oftentimes, academics are systematic, which means one gap in the foundation could cause a child to struggle for their entire schooling career. The good news is that weaknesses in foundational skills can be remediated.

How does the program work?

Once our team has administered a Learning Checkup™ and identified the root issue behind any learning gaps, we have the knowledge to help your child develop or rebuild a solid foundation. Unlike general tutoring programs, our cognitive and educational therapy sessions are prescriptive and designed to meet the needs of each individual learner.

Our program reaches children who may be experiencing difficulties in the following areas:

  • Reading fluency and comprehension, spelling and language arts
  • Early math development and math skill building
  • Handwriting and printing
  • Foundational learning skills such as executive functioning, memory and processing speed

Benefits of After School Skill Building Program:

  • Increased confidence
  • Better grades
  • Decreased amount of time spent of homework
  • Improved test scores
  • Increased organizational skills
  • More "a-ha!" moments

We take the fear out of facing learning challenges so that every child can be a happy, capable, confident, life-long learner.