Bona Liu
Educational Therapist

Bona Liu received her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Bona spent the early part of her career with Teach for America in Houston and at TOPIA English Academy in Korea. Upon her return to the U.S., Bona had an opportunity to tutor students who had immigrated from Korea and were applying to high schools and colleges. Bona's shared cultural understanding of the extreme academic pressure to succeed, as well as her genuine desire to assist those with unique needs, deeply connected her with these students. Through her tutoring sessions, Bona helped students develop critical reading, writing and executive functioning skills. This, along with mentorship and guidance in fundamental and strategic test-taking skills, resulted in their tremendous success on standardized tests, including SSAT, SAT and ACT. When Bona joined our team at Academics Plus, she found our tool, Brainjogging, to be the secret sauce that helps students improve their scores, increase their speed and boost their chances of success. Bona's unique understanding of the education culture globally ensures that the school choice takes into consideration expectations of classroom behaviors, role of parents in the school community, and the academic performance for each pupil.

"I absolutely adore working with the Academics Plus team and our students. The dedication, care and compassion of Katie and my fellow instructors for our students is so evident every time I am in the office or interacting with them. I find it such a blessing, as well as an inspiration, to work with people who I know share the same values and goals when it comes to helping students with learning difficulties. That's the part I love the most about my job- that I work with such a trustworthy, communicative and tight-knit team. This tight-knit team of learning specialists creates a disciplined, structured, yet nurturing environment for our students. Often we help our students work through the things that are challenging them so that they reconnect with what makes them shine. I truly feel that should be the goal of every school, from elementary to college- to help students realize what they bring that is great and to be able to celebrate themselves."