SSAT Flex Testing

Academics Plus is proud to serve as an official SSAT Flex Testing site to students who may benefit from a smaller, more "homey" testing environment. Flex testing is offered Monday-Friday mornings; however, Saturday appointments are available for an additional fee. A student does not need to have a diagnosed disability or formal accommodations, such as an IEP, in order to qualify for flex testing. Many students benefit from a more individualized, supportive environment. Flex testing scores are viewed the same as traditional SSAT scores by each school. 

To schedule a Flex Test:

  • Call our office at 404-816-0708 or fill out the form below to reserve a date for your child's SSAT to be administered at Academics Plus.

  • Once a test date is confirmed, one of our team members will email you with an access code to register with our testing facility. This email will also include test day instructions, so both you and your child know what to expect. If you still have specific questions about the process or logistics of test day, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

  • Once you receive the email with your access code, please go to to register. Our test center code is 0113.

  • If you are requesting accommodations for your child, such as extended time or use of a laptop for the writing portion, you must get the approval from SSAT at least two weeks before the scheduled test date. In order to request accommodations, you must download the Special Accommodations form from the SSAT website and then have your child’s current school complete the form and send it directly to SSAT. You are responsible for providing the accommodations for your child.

  • After your child completes the test, we will mail it directly to the SSAT. You may request to have the scores emailed when you register; however, SSAT charges an additional fee for this service. According to the SSAT website, tests take approximately 10-14 days to be scored by their team.

  • Please note: our office does not receive a copy of the scores, and we are not responsible for scores being submitted to schools.

    If you have additional questions, please see the FAQs below or call our office to speak with a team member directly, 404-816-0708. We look forward to serving your family this admissions season!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often can I take the Flex test? The Flex test can be only be taken once per academic year (August 1st-July 31st of the following year).

  • When will I receive my scores? Our team will mail out your child’s scores on the same day they test (we are lucky enough to have a FedEx location in our building, making shipping quick and easy!). Your child’s test will take up to 2 business days to arrive at the SSAT office. SSAT policy states that they will then score your child’s test within 10-14 days.

  • What happens if we need to reschedule our Flex Test appointment due to illness, inclement weather, etc.? We are committed to providing a safe and healthy testing environment for your child. For that reason, if your student has had a fever, flu-like symptoms or a stomach virus within 48 hours prior to testing, please call and we will help you reschedule your child's test date. If your student arrives at our office and shows symptoms of being ill, we will ask you to take your child home and reschedule the test at a later date. 

    If our office is closed due to weather, we will notify you as soon as that decision is made and will work with you to schedule a new test date. There is no additional charge for rescheduling a Flex Test for one of these reasons.

  • Can I get a refund for a Flex Test appointment if I change my mind? A 50% deposit is required at the time of scheduling your appointment and this fee is nonrefundable. The remaining 50% balance will be charged 72 hours prior to your test date. At this time, the full amount is nonrefundable.

  • If I add the list of schools I’m applying to when I register for the test date, will the scores be automatically sent? Yes. If you prefer to see all of your child’s scores before they are sent to schools, you can go back and add school recipients at a later date.

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