Academics Plus is the only licensed provider of the Brainjogging program in the Atlanta area. Brainjogging is our primary tool and when combined with our cognitive and educational therapy sessions, allows our students to reach unprecedented levels of success. 

We understand your challenges.

Brainjogging was designed to help train and condition areas of weakness for children with learning disabilities based on 30 years of experience and 2 patents. These learning challenges may have been caused by weaknesses in processing speed, working memory, attention or retrieval. Despite accommodations and modifications many parents, teachers and tutors have tried, students' needs are not being met and they are still experiencing academic struggles. 

How can Brainjogging help?

Our Brainjogging training is multi-sensory and aids in the synchronization of the cognitive processes required for academic success. The program improves cognitive skills, while naturally boosting attention, in students as they interact with a series of exercises. Once trained, parents and students experience gains with an at-home commitment of only 10 minutes twice daily. 

The eye movement exercises provide vision therapy and train the brain and eyes to mimic the tasks required for reading. The visual flash exercises mimic the task of copying from the board and boost visual sequential memory and attention. During both exercises, students are required to quickly verbalize their responses in order to receive auditory feedback and boost processing speed. Each student's database encompasses a working memory module and is customized with curriculum directly from their classroom and tutoring sessions with help from an Academics Plus instructor.

Over time, Brainjogging helps train and condition the integration of information through the senses. As the student's responsiveness grows, the Brainjogging program will respond to "raise the bar", helping support even further advancement.

The WhisperPhone is an integral part of the Brainjogging program. It is a patented acoustical feedback headset that is worn by the user during all Brainjogging sessions for auditory reinforcement to help support information retention.

If you are interested in learning more about Brainjogging or becoming trained on how to use the program, please feel free to contact us at 404-816-0708.