Learning Checkup + Evaluation

Understanding how your child learns is the first step to building a happy, capable, confident, life-long learner. 

Getting a Learning Checkup provides the foundation for the right learning path for your child and matches individual learning styles with the right strategies for academic success.

We believe that every child can be a teachable student. The best time to identify learning issues is now!

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Kindergarten Readiness Program

Establishing strong learning skills and habits early in childhood is key to building lasting academic success, and preventing the frustration of learning challenges later along the educational path. Synchronizing the cognitive processes directly affects the brain architecture, which instills a strong foundation for classroom and social success.

Our Kindergarten Readiness program lets parents and students take control of the early learning preparation process. We target children in preschool and kindergarten to build strong cognitive foundations and toned minds. The one-on-one instruction we provide creates teachable, confident students, ready to thrive in any academic setting. 

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After School Skill Building

Our After School Skill Building program is designed to target learning challenges and develop individualized strategies so that all students can succeed in the classroom. Our team provides cognitive and educational therapy in order to attend to psycho-educational and socio-emotional goals, as well as academic goals.

Trained educational therapists work with each student to improve core academic abilities, boost cognitive skills and help address specific curriculum problems they are facing, while giving them new tools to better tackle learning. Each session targets a student's individual needs and can include specific intervention in academic subjects, test preparation or Orton-Gillingham, as well as broader intervention for students with dyslexia, language processing disorder, autism, executive functioning disorder and other learning disabilities. 

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Day Learning Program

Children who face learning challenges and disabilities are often overwhelmed in their academic settings. They become frustrated, zone out, fall behind and shut down. Meanwhile, educational alternatives can be limited. No parent or child should ever feel that they are out of options.

Our Day Learning Program is a one-on-one homeschool-like environment designed for students who may need more targeted, individualized instruction.The goal of our program is to strengthen and develop the cognitive processes necessary for learning so that students can rebuild their academic stamina and return to a mainstream classroom as a more teachable student.

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Hive Community Learning Center

Academics Plus believes in giving back to our community by supporting other educators and tutors that help local students succeed! When our space is not in use by our team, we would love to share our phenomenal location, premier learning environment and positive culture with amazing educators, educational consultants and tutors seeking the right study and learning environment.

 Of course, we believe all students deserve the highest quality of education, so we only allow the best of the best access to our Hive Community Learning Center. Please fill out the form below to share your interest with our team.

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