We believe that every child can become a happy, capable, confident life-long learner.

Establishing strong learning skills and habits early in childhood is key to building lasting academic success, and preventing the frustration of learning challenges later along the educational path.

Our program lets parents and students take control of the early learning preparation process. We target children ages 3 to 6, before they enter elementary school. The individualized instruction we provide is designed to build strong cognitive foundations and toned minds, creating teachable, confident students, ready to thrive in any academic settings.

Our team focuses on creating teachable students, by helping to foster self-confidence, independence, self-regulation and stamina for learning. Our goal is to provide students with the skills they need in order to be successful, life-long learners.

How Does The Program Work?

Each student begins with a Learning Checkup™ to pinpoint their learning profile and identify patterns of strength and weakness.

Children and parents preparing for preschool or kindergarten can benefit, along with students already in academic settings - particularly those who may be struggling or in need of supplemental support.

Typically our students may need a boost in their processing speed, memory skills or executive function. Others may need additional skills practice or preparation for preschool or academic settings. We find that if we identify areas of weakness and tackle them early, we can prevent learning issues from popping up once our students enter elementary school grades.

Following the Learning Checkup™, our skilled team meets with you to discuss results and outline our recommendations for a tailored learning program to meet your childs individual needs.

Students may then come to our office for hour-long sessions in the afternoon, after preschool or at conveniently scheduled times.


Benefits of the Kindergarten Readiness Program:

  • Strengthens and develops cognitive processes necessary for learning, including attention and self-regulation, working memory and retrieval fluency, language comprehension and mental stamina
  • Nurturing, individualized attention for each student 
  • Tailored learning plans encompass all core academic areas including reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies
  • Students are equipped to start academic programs at grade level

Learning should be a joy, not an ordeal. Setting learning foundations early can equip and prepare students to love learning and experience their full potential with self-confidence and appreciation for their value as a student.