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Academics Plus has a mission of creating happy, capable, life-long learners and the school relocation process is where this journey truly begins. Our expertise, guidance, and relationships in the Atlanta area schools, as well as our in-depth understanding of how children learn, ensures that your new employees and their families will feel welcomed and supported in the Atlanta community. 

Our school placement services provide an essential piece of the relocation puzzle. When a candidate is considering a position at your company, the first question that comes to mind is, “How will this move impact my family?”. Our team members are experts in education, and are able to identify each child’s specific learning needs in order to match them with the right schooling environment. Our firsthand, on-site experience in the Atlanta area schools, as well as relationships with their admissions teams, ensures we only make recommendations of schools that are the right fit and have the availability to meet the family’s needs. We walk parents through the entire admissions process, and can anticipate a problem before it begins to ensure a successful relocation and save the family potential heartache, and the employer time and money. We work from start to finish to ensure that each child thrives in their new academic setting.

We are so excited about the opportunity to serve your families and are looking forward to working together to create a win-win situation for your company and families relocating to the Atlanta area. Combining forces with your search and relocation team allows us both to best utilize our talents, skills, and resources to empower your company with the best and brightest employees. We recognize the enormity of responsibility you grant our team as educational consultants for your families and appreciate the opportunity to assist in the relocation process. 


We look forward to welcoming your families to our city!

Katie Cyphers, Elizabeth Silverstein, and the Academics Plus team